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Power Systems Protection

H+W Engineering is experienced in power systems analysis and is able to perform multiple services to improve power system reliability and safety.
  • Fault Current Calculations & Evaluation
  • Coordination Studies
  • Arc Flash Risk Analysis
  • Load Calculations
  • Voltage Drop Calculations
  • Neher McGrath Calculations
Power Systems Protection And Analysis Services San Diego, CA

Fault Current Study determines the levels of available fault current that will flow through the system under fault conditions. These fault levels are compared to equipment interrupting capability to verify that devices are properly sized to clear the short circuit currents without catastrophic failure.

A Protective Device Coordination Study provides a basis for selecting and setting protective devices in order to isolate and clear faulting circuits as quickly and safely as possible, while all other protective devices remain closed, continuing power to the entire un-faulted part of the system.

An Arc Flash Analysis calculates the incident energy (arc energy) that would be received by a person at a given working distance. Based on data obtained from the analysis, a Flash Hazard Boundary may be defined where appropriate flash protective clothing and equipment must be worn.

Power Systems Protection And Analysis Services San Diego, CA