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San Diego State University

San Diego State University


SDSU Engineering Room 108A Renovation

Installation of new grid ceiling to improve acoustics and new lab build-out.

SDSU Imperial Valley Campus Nursing Labs Renovation

Renovation of existing 10,000 square foot space for a nursing teaching lab. Project team included Gilchrist Architecture.

SDSU Cuicacalli Restroom Renovation

Renovation of existing lobby and common area restrooms.

SDSU Exercise & Nutritional Science Flight Simulator Renovation

Office renovation for the Air Force ROTC program including the installation of new flight simulators.

SDSU Imperial Valley Campus Environmental Health & Safety Lab Renovation

Conversion of an existing 12,000 square foot classroom space into three chemistry/biology labs in an existing building.

SDSU Imperial Valley Campus Chemical Storage Renovation

New 2,000 square foot chemical storage room build-out in an existing building located in Brawley, CA including exhaust and ventilation systems.

SDSU Imperial Valley Classroom & Office Renovation

10,000 square foot classrooms and office renovation.

SDSU Lamden Hall Conference Room Renovation

Renovation of an existing conference room.

SDSU Pride Center Renovation

Conversion of an existing storage space into office.

SDSU Student Services East Suite 1200 Renovation

Renovation of an existing space into four new offices and a general open meeting space.

SDSU Student Services West Suite 2620 Renovation

2,000 square foot renovation including new offices and open seating area.

SDSU Storm Hall Office to Lab Renovation

Conversion of office space into an anthropology lab.

SDSU Arts Dust Collector Installation

Installation of a new dust collection system.

SDSU Library Compact Storage Replacement

Replacement of existing motorized book stacks including fire alarm and emergency lighting upgrades.

SDSU Professional Studies & Fine Arts Renovation

Renovation of existing office space.

SDSU Aztec Bookstore Office Improvements

3,000 square foot renovation including new private offices and open office space.

SDSU Don Powell Theater Code Compliance

Code compliance review and an existing space and recommendations for improvements.

SDSU Music Building

New music building server room including primary and redundant critical room air conditioning (CRAC) units. Project team included Barrie + Co and Helix Mechanical.

SDSU Chemical Sciences Laboratory Building (CLSB) Lab

100,000 square foot laboratory building served with chilled water and steam from a campus-wide central plant. The laboratory ventilation system consisted of four large 70,000 CFM variable-air volume (VAV) air-handling units which deliver 100% outside (single pass) air to the building, and two large exhaust systems. In addition, there were 174 fume hoods in the building.